Come Visit Us this Friday #startupcrawl


If there's one common trait of Slovenian start-ups it is our focus on foreign markets. Slovenia is just too small for any serious product discovery and therefore Slovenian start-ups must be internationally focused from the very get go. While having global ambitions is the right approach, it also makes us feel uprooted and disconnected from local community. I could almost say we are feeling homesick as if we would physically work in London, Boston, or New York, not just virtually. Experiencing thrills and excitement of working for a globally-minded start-up it is hard to imagine going back working for a Slovenian system integrators and pulling strings to win government tenders. But periculous nature of start-ups makes us constantly aware that we are in a fragile position and anytime our dreams might get shattered. If there won't be other start-ups in Slovenia to join, we will either have to go back to government tenders or emigrate to great American or European start-up hubs.

To connect with local community and to inspire would-be founders, start-ups in Ljubljana will open their doors again this Friday, March 21st. In contrast to the start-up crawl of fall 2013, registration is required. We promise you some pizza, drinks, and plenty of interesting people you can talk to. So, please do come visit us and let's make together something great out of this beautiful land.

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