Continuous Testing with Jenkins @Zemanta, 6pm on Tuesday, March 18th @Kibepipa


With 20+ projects as we have at Zemanta it’s not easy to assure quality of software code in general and unittests coverage in particular. Even if developers would be diligent enough to run all tests before every push to origin, the changing environment would make some tests fail. In order to catch such changes and to keep developers honest we’ve been conducting monthly manual checks of all the projects if their unittests pass. To automate the manual process and to further improve our development practice, we’ve set up recently a continuous testing system using Jenkins that we hope will evolve soon into a proper continuous deployment system. If we would have known how easy and fun Jenkins is, we would have set it up already a long time ago. On Tuesday, March 18th at 6pm I'll be giving a talk at Kiberpipa in Ljubljana on our ongoing struggle with unittesting and quality of software we develop at Zemanta. I'll present not just technological problems and solutions (e.g. how we implemented continuous testing using Jenkins at Zemanta) , but also cultural and organizational aspects of the problem which cause code degradation in the first place and prevents improvements from happening. So, if you feel the quality of your code base is on the downward course and you want to do something about, you're kindly invited to attend my talk.

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