DevopsDays and @littleidea in Ljubljana


I first heard of Andrew Clay Shafer when my colleague Marko visited Velocity conference in New York and come away highly impressed by the talk Andrew presented there. Marko sent me the link to the following video of Andrew speaking at DevopsDays Austalia.

There is no talent shortage by Andrew Clay Shafer from devopsdays on Vimeo.

This video caught a lot of my interest as I spend lots of my time thinking about the same things as Andrew does; how to get high performing teams, how to build a learning organization, how to automate away non-complex tasks, and other culture related issues. Last December I was fortunate to meet Andrew at Stretch conference in Budapest and we discussed many of these issues also in person.

I'm glad to announce that in few weeks we will be hosting Andrew Clay Shafer at DevopsDays in Ljubljana (big thanks to ComTrade, D-Labs, Klika, Astina, and Zemanta for covering his travel expenses) where he will talk about what devops mean to him. I'm sure Andrew will help make DevopsDays in Ljubljana a great event in many other ways, too, so if you are interested in modern approaches to software development and running system operations, you definitely should attend the event. The conference fee is just EUR100 and there are special discounts for students (contact Andrei for details). And if there's something you'd like to talk about yourself, call to submit an ignite talk is still open.

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