QCon London 2014 - a Recap


QCon in London is over and it was great. Just holding Project Tango device in my hands, or seeing Tim Lister in action would be enough for me to call the conference success, but there were at least dozen of other highly interesting talks. And this is not a small feat, as this was my third time visiting this conference, so my expectations already run high. Nonetheless, the 2014 QCon managed to further surpass my expectations with a great lineup of speakers and excellent selection of topics covered. As happened already in 2012 and 2013, I think I'll spend the whole year now trying to implement in practice what I learned in London. In the next few weeks I'll write in more details about the most interesting talks I've attended. For the impatient, the slides of most talks are already available. Conference participants have already access to videos of the talks, so if you're interested in some talk in particular, I can help you out. The videos of the talks will also be published on InfoQ over the course of next few months, and I'll try curate for you the most interesting ones on my Twitter.