Beyond Web Browser - Project Tango


2014 instance of QCon in London is in full swing and the first day ended with a great keynote by Tim Bray, a cowboy programmer from Canada with an impressive career who is just ending his stint with Google as a developer advocate. In his keynote he reminded us of all the great things that a web browser enabled us to do over the past two decades and warned us about a real danger that all these benefits will disappear if the future won't be built on web browsers, but on native Android and iOS applications instead. While the part of Tim Bray's talk where he was presenting where we are and how we got here, was compelling enough the real surprise come at the end of his talk when he presented one potential vision what might come after the web browsers. According to Tim Bray it might very well happen that the age of a web browser will be superseded with the age of augmented reality! And to prove his point he shown one of the 200 prototype dev kits that Google has built within the scope of Project Tango. And after his talk, I got a chance to hold the device in my own hands!

I'm not the one who needs to be explained about opportunities that augmented reality brings. I spent three and a half years thinking about it many years ago. If by any chance Tim Bray's premonition comes true, it will be a huge personal success for me, if for no reason but to be able to say that I was doing augmented reality way before it was cool!

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