All Green at Zemanta


After a month of hard work of the whole Zemanta's engineering team we have now all our projects continuously tested in Jenkins. Even more, we have fixed all the failing unittests and we therefore have all 1837 unittests passing for the first time in the history of Zemanta. While I was conducting regular checks of all projects already before, having checks on a daily basis and on every push to the repository should make everybody more accountable to not commit code that would break tests. Having all the unittests pass makes all the difference. First, I expect no longer hearing my colleagues asking each other which unittests are supposed to fail and which not and second, just like broken windows, also broken unittests make it much easier for everybody to misbehave and disregard good coding practice. We have also added visualization of status of all our projects to Blinkenlights (using flask-jenkins-radiator) so that everybody can see when a project is broken. I hope that public shame of a failed project will make everybody more careful what code they commit to repository and eventually transform into a culture where pushing code without running all the unittests would become unacceptable.