DevopsDays Ljubljana 2014 - Call for Proposals


I met with Andrei Serdeliuc yesterday, a cool Romanian who moved to Slovenia recently (attracted by a Slovenian Beauty, of course). Andrei spent several years in UK as a web developer, but he has special interest in Operations and DevOps culture. As he moved to Slovenia, Andrei noticed that Slovenian DevOps scene is not really there so together with his girlfriend he decided to kick off DevopsDays Ljubljana and start pushing for the culture of cooperation between developers and operations  people. The DevopsDays Ljubljana conference is in the initial phase of organization. If you agree that DevOps is the wave of the future and you want to make this concept more prominent in Slovenia, there are plenty of ways to help Andrei with organization. For startes, you can consider participating as a speaker and submit a proposal for talk, panel, or openspace session. Second, you can register early and not just get a ticket at discounted price but also greatly help organizers along the way. Similarly, if you're position to sponsor the event, Andrei will be very glad to hear from you while you can expect to reach a big group of forward thinking developers and system administrators. Third, spreading the news about the event is always welcome, even more so, if you have contacts in Croatia, Austria, or northern Italy. The DevopsDays Ljubljana will be in English so it has all the ingredients to punch beyond Slovenian borders.

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