Internet Week Ljubljana


There's a fresh dose of energy being induced to Ljubljana's start-up community thanks to Gaja Zornada, Nataša Pirnat, and few other determined ladies of Internet Week Ljubljana. If you haven't already subscribed to the their weekly newsletter about on-going events, do so now! But we can expect even more action coming from them soon with the first initiative being another start-up crawl in the spring of this year. This morning a representatives of some of the companies that participated in last year's start-up crawl got together in order to kick off the next edition of the event. The most important result of our meeting is the decision that the next crawl of Ljubljana's (and beyond) start-ups will take place on Friday, March 21st - so save the date. And if you're a start-up (or you feel start-upish) and you didn't take part in October's inaugural even, contact Gaja (her email is gaja at and get aboard. Start-up crawl is a great way to get in touch with prospective employees and to tell your story to the local community. Even though your start-up has global ambitions (as it should) local support won't hurt you, but to the contrary, it might help you very much. If for no other reason to see that you're not alone in your quest to conquer the world.