When the discussion comes to Outfit7 I like to mention that I was the boss of most millionaires in Slovenia. Of course, I mean this as a joke, but there is some grain of truth to it since Outfit7 is one of the most successful European start-ups of the past few years (they don't regard themselves as a start-up anymore, though) worth hundreds of millions of dollars now and I was manager of six out of eight of its founders when I was in the role of head of software development at Najdi.si. There's a saying that "once you're lucky, twice you're good". I kept contemplating this saying in my head yesterday as I was listening to the outstanding talk by Luka Renko about underpinnings of Outfit7's Talking Friends apps and their success. Outfit7 is already the second successful start-up of Samo Login after founding Najdi.si which in its heyday was the most important Slovenian web search engine with 80+% market share. All the hallmarks (being an A+ engineer, having a devoted team, understanding end users, learning from competition) that enabled Samo to grow Najdi.si into a successful business, were present also in the Outfit7's story that Luka so eloquently presented yesterday. While product management is one area where Slovenians fall behind, Samo and his team really nailed down how to develop a successful product.

It will be very very interesting to watch how will Outfit7 evolve now that Samo and the team are able to compete on a global scale. The opportunity at their feet is gigantic so it may very well happen that one day I'll be able to say that I was the boss of most billionaires in Slovenia :)

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