The Backwater that is Publishing


Publishing used to be an important industry. Just look at the buildings of New York Times or Delo in Ljubljana and you'll see reminiscence of past glory of which still some remain due to inertia and political and economical influence of retired people (with plenty of free time and resistance to digital technology). Just 30 years ago publishers got our undivided attention and they yielded substantial influence over us that they successfully sold to advertisers in exchange for good money. But all this power dissipated with the advent of information age (how ironic) and decades of non-innovation. Our mission at Zemanta is to bring publishing to the 21st century and to help publishers not just survive but to thrive in a sharing economy. Therefore we track closely the development of publishing industry and have relationships with several high profile publishers as well as with thousands of bloggers and other long-tail publishers. What is becoming increasingly clear to us that for publishers exploration phase is over and they have all but given up on retrieving some of the past glory. The only thing that publishers are interested in nowadays is how to exploit the readership they still command by selling out to whoever pays the most. But I think the war is not over yet and that publishing in 21st century can do better than surrend itself to Facebook, Twitter, and Google and become expert only in writting click-baity titles.

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