Failing Together


If you are from in or around Ljubljana and you weren't at wine club Hedonia yesterday evening attending Fear, Failure, F... meetup then you have missed a great event. Since two of my best friends for the past 20+ years have presented their failures there I might be partial in my opinion, but judging from response of some 40 people in attendance Jose and the team managed to pull off a terrific event. I've met several new people at the event and I was blown away how interesting they all are. And it helped a lot that the format and theme of the event has opened our minds to accept new things and go beyond our fears. While the event has the word fail in its name, we weren't really celebrating failure. What we celebrated yesterday is the courage of people who have dared to try something despite knowing that they might ultimately fail at their endeavor. The most important lesson about failure in my opinion is that failure is a problem only until you actually fail. Once you do fail you realize that it wasn't as bad as you imagined it would be. The capability of humans to cope with whatever situation that might come about and rationalize it away is amazing. What is equally amazing is the paralysis induced on us by the potential of failure. I'm sure yesterday's event was a good step for all the attendees towards overcoming the paralysis of failure and great encouragement to keep trying despite uncertainty of the outcome.

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