The Danger of Key Performance Indicators


I spent this morning at the bank trying to extend the insurance for my car and apartment. The experience wasn't nice. I had to double check every offer they made since I got the feeling they try to rip me off and that their primary goal is to extract as much money out of me as possible regardless of the cost to our relationship. What a difference from last year when they offered me a big discount and bunch of other goodies. The counselor at the bank was the same person as last year and I have an excellent relationship with her. So my poor experience today was definitely not her fault. I'm pretty sure she was as frustrated as I was having to deal with me for an hour in what should be a routine extension of insurance policies. But unfortunately for her and me, I was part of optimization of a very different key performance indicator (KPI) from a year ago. If last year in the eye of the bank I was there to increase the KPI of number of new customers, this year I was there to increase the KPI of average revenue per user (ARPU). To me as a customer the change in attitude of the bank towards me felt brutal. I don't know what will the long cost to my relationship with the bank be, but I know much of the trust I had in the bank has been lost. I'm pretty sure the bank does not have any KPI measuring that.