Dysfunctions of a Functioning Team

In the two months since I first read The Five Dysfunctions of a Team I've started to look at teams with a very different set of eyes. Many situations, outcomes, and behaviors of teams and individuals that seemed irrational or hard to understand before, got a very logical explanation once I start to think of them as manifestations of absence of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability, or inattention to results. Me blogging about this book and framework, set also Tilen Travnik on similar path of reflection about past events and situations. To share our experience and newly acquired understanding, Tilen and me will give a talk next Wednesday on Dysfunctions of a Functioning Team. While the base of our talk will be the framework by Patrick Lencioni, we plan to add a lot of meat to the five dysfunctions identified by him. You can therefore expect many painful stories of dysfunctional teams but also examples of successful remedies as acquired by Tilen and me over the paths of our careers at D-labs, Zemanta, Najdi.si, and many other companies. The talk will be in English, so non-Slovene speaking people are very welcome to attend the talk, too.

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