2075 Hours


I logged 2075 working hours last year or 8 hours and 20 minutes on average given that there were 250 working days in 2013. This is some 15o hours less than in 2012. While I'd like to report that I stroke better balance between work and personal life thus making my work sustainable, the reason for putting in 40 minutes less of my time on average working day lies elsewhere. Namely, I've spent better part of 2013 recruiting people resulting in interacting with some 300 candidates and employing 10 people. I've also took over more responsibility for people in our Ljubljana office which meant even more interaction with people. Interacting with people is a very different thing than interacting with computers. For starters, it is inconsiderate to interact with people with work related matters in the evenings and over weekends, while computers don't really care when you log in. People also require your full attention when interacting with them, while computers let you interact with them at your own pace. But most importantly, when you're interacting with people you inadvertently spend a lot of energy constructing mental models of them and their reactions, while interacting with software and hardware does not (yet) involve prefrontal cortex. So instead of doing some extra work in the evenings and over weekends as I was doing in 2012, I've spent more of my free time reading and relaxing from interacting with people.

Title picture by Miha Štrukelj, Selfportrait II