Bringing 2013 to an End


I'm on vacations from tomorrow until the end of the year, so today is my last working day of 2013. Since I write only on work days this is also the last post of this year and therefore a nice opportunity to reflect on the year that is just about to end and to imagine what will happen next year. Zemanta grew by strides in 2013! We've doubled our revenue again (for the third year in a row), we've increased our head count by 50%, got Todd as a CEO, Jeff as our VP of Publisher & Corporate Development, got further support for our ambitions from our investors, and we now span 9 time zones. Alongside these developments also my role at Zemanta has changed from mostly technical and operational to the one that is mostly about coaching and supporting others. I've spoken with some 300 engineers this year and 8 of them have become new members of our team. What's even more amazing to me is the progress made by colleagues that have joined us in 2012 and 2011 and who are now the pillars of our product development team.

As for 2014, our plans are simple - double revenue again and find a solid product-market fit with at least one of our product. To increase odds of reaching our goals we plan to open a San Francisco office, employ 10 people in the States (mostly sales and business development people) and 10 more engineers in Ljubljana. But most importantly we will continue to strive to build an amazing team of awesome people capable of building products that customers would love.

As much as Zemanta is important part of my life, it is nowhere near as important as my girls who are growing by leaps and bounds and becoming more independent with each passing year and developing their unique talents.

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