The Cynefin Framework


Thanks to Andrew Clay Shafer I've recently learned about the Cynefin framework. If you haven't yet heard about this framework for decision making I highly recommend you to read this Harward Business Review article or at least check the video at the bottom of this post. The Cynefin framework is a great way to reflect on one's leadership and understand the need for change of entrenched practices when circumstances change. Cynefin_framework_Feb_2011

The Cynefin framework is also highly relevant to start-ups, since we move from one mode of operation to another all the time. It is actually the very essence of start-ups to start in a complex environment and try to do something novel in order to sense the response of the environment and untangle complexity until we get something complicated but still manageable. Unfortunately, we deviate to chaos way too often, spend too much of our time doing simple things instead of automating them, and on too many days we are in complete disorder when we don't even know in what context we are at the moment.

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