Organizing around Learning and Continuous Disruption


I know of no company that would operate as a learning organization. All companies are still highly focused on the operational aspects of their business, giving themselves little extra time to reflect on what they are really doing. Even more, their internal processes and structure are set up in such way to treat people as cogs in a machine encouraged only to do more of the same, not to foster learning and continuous disruption. Such rigid organization made lots of sense in the past when devising a repeatable process was the major challenge. But with the rise of Computer, companies don't really need employees anymore but can automate their entire operation. Companies could learn a lot from research labs how to organize themselves around learning and continuous disruption. For example, in the research lab where I worked as a post-graduate student every activity was subordinate to the ultimate goal of disrupting the status quo and moving beyond state of the art. Only if we were successful at it we could write papers that got accepted at the top conferences and journals in our field which was our ultimate measure of success.