Keeping a Bulletin Board of Tech Events in Ljubljana - Looking for a Volunteer


On Thursday, December 12th at 5pm both PHP meet-up and  VBlatu lecture will take place at the same time. With, hopefully, increasing frequency of tech events in Ljubljana, such overlaps will start happening more often to the detriment of event organizers who prefer to maximize audience at their events. Most of tech events in Ljubljana are organized by volunteers who have little extra time to also coordinate themselves with fellow event organizers. Therefore I proposed yesterday on Twitter that we should have a public calendar of tech events in Ljubljana and an editor to keep it up to date, so that we help event organizers better coordinate themselves. If you are a supporter of Ljubljana tech/start-up scene and you'd like to raise your profile in the community, this is a perfect opportunity. Just open a public billboard of events and in no time you'll become a go to guy or gal for tech events in Ljubljana, I'm sure. And you don't need to ask anybody anything, just collect information about events that is now scattered all over web and make sense of it.

There are two reasons why I'm only proposing this idea instead of just doing it myself. The first is that I do too many services to the community already and that I cannot afford dedicating even more time to it, while the second, more important reason, is that we need even more active people in our community. If only a few of us will push the community forward, we will soon burn out. But if there are many of us pushing it, we have a really good chance to make Boulder of Europe out of Ljubljana.

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