Managing SaaS


Managing 17 vendors providing software as a service (SaaS) has become a non-trivial affair at Zemanta. When a new employee joins our company we have to add him or her manually to all the services he or she needs. Fortunately, we have very low employee turnover or we would have another issue of removing access of former employees to our external services. We also don't have any tracking of costs of services besides Škrat manually checking company credit card each month for the billing statements coming from SaaS vendors. And if you ask me about service level agreements (SLAs) and other guarantees that SaaS vendors give, I have no way to verify that they deliver on their promise. Also, external vendors store lots of sensitive information about our company and I would definitely like to have an auditing system in place to be sure that our data is secure. I've spent some time this morning to see if any such service (it should be a service, of course!) exists and I couldn't find any. While it might very well be that I've just used the wrong search keywords (please, let me know in the comments) it seems to me quite likely that no such service exists. Having to deal with dozens or hundreds of different SaaS vendors certainly wouldn't be an easy feat, but it would definitely be a highly lucrative one if successful. So if you're looking for a start-up idea in SaaS space, providing SaaS vendor management should definitely be something to consider. At Zemanta, we would need such service for sure and we would be willing to serve as your test customer.

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