Zero IT Support


It is no secret that I'm not a fan of IT support people. At every single company I've worked before Zemanta the IT support guy was some grumpy male known for rolling his eyes and whose first word was always "no" regardless of the requests. I understand that IT support people were given the impossible task of supporting Lotus Notes, Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and myriad of other complex and buggy software and that every request to them was accompanied by obligatory "I need it now", but still. I believe end users deserve better than what IT support has traditionally been able to deliver. At Zemanta we don't have dedicated IT support, since we are all very good at handling computers and we are able to take care of hardware and software ourselves. And since most of of software that we use is delivered as service over web, no special administration is needed on our side anyway. Most companies are not as lucky as we are and they are stuck with on-site software and IT people to support it. If that is the case also in your company, I suggest you strongly to start dropping packaged software immediately and adopt the service model. But don't include any of IT support people in the initiative to migrate to SaaS model. They are fighting for their jobs and they'll do every possible thing to sabotage efforts to migrate away from on-site software. People, don't give up power easily and it might very well be, that the IT people are the single biggest reason why adoption of SaaS model in enterprises hasn't been even faster.

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