Internal Web Pages


We've had quite many new people (and we're looking for more) joining our team in the past few months. Watching their efforts to get started made it very clear that we need to reinvigorate our internal web pages where we keep essential and frequently accessed information, such as contacts list, standard operation procedures, frequently asked questions, and links to myriad of other resources developed over the past six years. For many years we had been using a wiki as our intranet system. While wiki is great for developers, it's frightening to business people and with more non-technical people joining our team the wiki fell out of favor and we no longer keep it up to date. Researching alternatives to a wiki, it come as a surprise to me that there don't exists a bunch of start-ups tackling this issue. Checking Wikipedia page about intranet reveals that Microsoft SharePoint commands more than 50% share of the intranet market, and IBM, Oracle, SAP, and other enterprise vendors the other 50%. I'm pretty sure that knowledge capture and sharing is much bigger problem in bigger organizations, but I think it's a problem in start-ups, too. Therefore I'd like to ask you to share your experience with tools and technologies that you use to manage internal web pages.

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