Mailing Lists Mess


If you cooperate with a bunch of people on a regular basis, then you certainly don't feel like selecting their names individually for each email that you send to them. At Zemanta we have been solving this problem for a long time using mailing lists. But over the years the number of mailing lists has blossomed and now we have 20 mailing lists for 35 people. Tracking membership of 20 mailing lists is unfeasible, of course, and people no longer trust the mailing lists to deliver the emails to all the intended recipients, so we are back at the square one. One obvious solution to this problem is to reduce number of mailing lists to bare minimum and to keep only the essential (and well defined) ones such as staff@ (all employees), lj@ (Ljubljana office), and ny@ (New York office) mailing lists. Since this leaves the burden of managing specific set of recipients (e.g. using contact groups in Gmail) to individuals, I'm asking for alternative suggestions that would be more friendly to people. If you have some idea yourself, let me know in the comments.

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