Cool Tech Conferences (2014 edition)


If you're an European start-up with global ambitions, such as Zemanta, one of the best ways to broaden horizons of your team members and keep them up to date with latest trends, tools, and technology, is to send them to cool conferences, so that they can learn from the best and interact with their peers at similar start-ups. I'm in the process of preparing conference visit plan for 2014 and I've compiled a list of cool tech conferences that might be of use also to wider audience. Please, let me know in the comments if I missed some cool conference that you would recommend visiting.


QCon London (March). By far the best European tech conference. Expensive as hell, but worth every penny.

Mind the Product (September, London). For the followers of lean product development, this one day conference provides a lot of value.

Stretch (December, Budapest). I'm attending this conference targeted to tech leaders for the first time this year.

WordCamp London (December). Biggest WordCamp in Europe.

Berlin Buzzwords (May, Berlin). A nice, two-day start-up oriented conference on storage, scaling, and search.

GOTO conference (June, Amsterdam & November, Berlin). If QCon is too expensive for you, GOTO conference is a nice alternative. In 2014 it will take place in Berlin, too.

Mloc.js (February, Budapest). Up and coming conference on everything JavaScript.

Craft (April, Budapest). Due to efforts by Prezi and other start-ups, Budapest is becoming an important conference destination of central and eastern Europe. Craft is about software craftmanship.

Ramp (July, Budapest). Everything about scaling your start-up once you discover a product-market fit.

Velocity Europe (November, Barcelona). An European cousin of respected American conferences targeted at front-end developers and Ops people interested in making web faster.

EuroPython (July, Berlin). After several years in Florence, EuroPython is moving to Berlin. The move should make this premiere Python in Europe even more popular.

dotJS (December, Paris). I didn't know about this one. Thanks for the tip, Matic!


Traveling to the States is expensive, so I've included only the best conferences that justify the high costs.

Velocity (June, Silicon Valley New York & September, New York). A conference with split personality that should be of interest both to hard core JavaScript people and belivers in DevOps concept.

SXSW (March, Austin). Music, Film, Interactive. Hipster's paradise. Due to the sheer size of the event, there's plenty of interesting things also for the technology inclined.

QCon (June, New York & November, San Francisco). With two highly successful events this year in NYC and San Francisco, QCon is quickly becoming the best tech conference also in United States.