Functional Reporting with Edward Kmett #vblatu


I'm sitting at Slamič caffee at the moment waiting for Darko Butina to start his workshop on how to sell a start-up. There is again so many things going on at the moment in Ljubljana, that it's impossible to attend all the interesting events. But still yesterday's talk by Edward Kmett at #vblatu stood out. Edward is a software development lead at Standard & Poor's Capital IQ, a large financial information provider that is part of McGraw-Hill conglomerate. Besides making rich people even richer, Edward is a big contributor to Haskell and Scala community. One of the main goals of #vblatu lecture series is to demonstrate to the students benefits of studying computer science. Yesterday's lecture on functional reporting was brilliant in that regard. In order to make rich people even richer (and earn lots of money also for himself) Edward relied on advanced algebra, advanced computer language theory, and many other subjects that are taught as part of computer science curriculum but rarely properly motivated. I hope many young people in the audience got infected by Edward's enthusiasm and they will persist on the computer science path. And yes, Tom would love this talk.

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