Sharing is Caring, Teaching is Understanding


For the third year in a row my colleague Tomaž Kovačič is organizing #VBlatu series of lectures at Faculty of Computer and Information Science of University of Ljubljana. The main goal of the lectures is to give students the opportunity to hear top Slovenian experts presenting their first hand practical experience with latest tools and technologies. #VBlatu lectures have some hundred attendees on average which makes it one of the premiere technology events in Ljubljana. What come as a quite big surprise to everybody involved is high attendance of people from industry, which obviously indicates a lack of such events in Slovenia. While highly successful, I still see Tomaž struggling to get speakers presenting at #VBlatu. One would think that people would line up in front of Tomaž's door for the opportunity to speak to this special audience (as it happens at New York Tech Meet-up, for example). Unfortunately Slovenian IT experts haven't yet grasped that being a top notch expert is pretty much useless unless you let your peers know about your expertize. Even more, if you really care about your field sharing your knowledge with your peers should feel like necessity not as a burden. And I've done plenty of talks in my career to know that you really understand your subject only when you start teaching others.

If you feel like sharing your expertize with wider community but aren't sure if your talk would be interesting to #VBlatu audience, just come to the next #VBlatu event and ask Tomaž himself (he's a very friendly guy). The next #VBlatu event will take place already this Thursday so opportunity lies just around the corner!

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