A Dream Come True


It's a latent dream of every entrepreneur to sell his company for good money and then take prolonged vacations. One of the few entrepreneurs in Slovenia to make such dream true is Darko Butina who has sold the biggest Slovenian web retailer Mimovrste to Dutch NetRetail group, thus making Mimovrste founders very rich, but making a really good money also himself. Darko is my high school classmate and a very good friend ever since. Therefore I had a privileged position to observe Darko's path at Mimovrste, first as a CFO struggling to bring its finances in order, followed by the joys of co-CEO position alongside Jugo, and finally as a full-fledged CEO who secured investment and later take over by the NetRetail group. Thanks to a push from Andraž, Darko has decided to share his experience also with wider audience. In cooperation with Silicon Gardens he is organizing a morning workshop how to prepare your start-up for an acquisition. The workshop will take place on Friday, November 15th, from 8:30 to 11:00 at Kavarna Slamič in Ljubljana. The number of seats is limited so make sure to register early. I hope to see you at the event. While you might not be at the exit phase yet, it will be interesting to hear how it looks there, I'm sure of it.

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