First You Grew, Now You Lead - Stretch 2013


At Zemanta, we have announced yesterday a new round of financing and a change at the helm. One of the things that we will use the new financing for is to grow our product and engineering team. In the next year we plan to hire 10 to 15 new engineers, essentially doubling our product team. And since we already grew our product team by 50% this year, I've spent the last couple of months discussing and contemplating changes to our processes and organization that will be required in order to accommodate a much larger number of people. Since scaling a product team is unfortunately not a common problem in Slovenia, I feel quite lonesome in this endeavor and I use every opportunity to learn from experience of people who have already scaled their organizations. Therefore I got very excited a few days ago when I learned that our friends at Prezi are organizing a conference on building successful teams and scaling up organizations that they've called Stretch and which will take place in Budapest on December 5-6. The line up of speakers include people from SoundCloud, Spotify, Joyent, Palantir, and other successful start-ups on a fast growth path. Budapest is just a 4-hours drive away from Ljubljana, so I'm going there with a car. I have an empty car, so you're very much welcome to ride with me if you decide to attend this conference. The registration is just $210 if you use the promotional code available here, so I think this conference is a great value for the money.

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