Startup Crawl


One of the highlights of Internet Week that's going on in Ljubljana at the moment will take place on Friday when more than 20 start-ups will open their doors to outside visitors. This will be a great opportunity to learn about the budding start-up scene that has evolved in the past few years in Ljubljana and meet personally the people behind some great products and services such as Lumu and Fieldoo. Come for a beer or a beverage of your choice, discuss your start-up idea, check your potential employer, or just be inspired by optimistic people that make up start-ups. In any case, come around and see it for yourself how's life in a start-up. At Zemanta we will have our doors opened between 4 and 6pm on Friday. We will show you what we do and you'll have the chance to meet the many interesting people that make up our team.

Start-up crawl is part of Internet Week Ljubljana. For the complete list of events check

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