Work Climate


I'm sure we have all experienced such situations. A coworker is having a bad day and he yells at you instead of providing you with a helpful answer. Or a boss is stressed out and disregards your feelings entirely. After any such incident your attitude towards work deteriorates and you hardly wait to go home and away from your work and coworkers. But we all experienced also situations where your boss gave you credits for successfully completed task or a coworker brought you favorite ice cream. In such cases hours at work pass without a notice and you hardly wait to go to work the next day. Just like weather work climate can change quickly. A nasty remark can ruin a beautiful day while a simple "I'm sorry" can make up for a lot of shit. If a poor work climate persists employees either quit or adapt. People quitting en masse is a clear indication for the managers of the poor work climate, but unfortunately for the managers adaptation is more common course of actions thus sweeping problems under the rug. But people avoiding each other, formation of coalitions and cliques, gossiping and spreading of rumors, unwillingness to help, hiding information, and other tactics that employees use to make a "healthy" work climate for themselves in an otherwise hostile environment are all major hindrances on a path towards a successful company and ones that are the hardest to overcome.