Internet Week Ljubljana 2013


Just by reading and watching Slovenian news lately, one would get a feeling that the doomsday is looming around the corner and that we are already past salvation. But walking around Ljubljana one quickly realizes that ambition is still there and there are plenty of young and not so young people who found their passion and carved their niche where they are succeeding in spite of gloomy conditions in our larger society. Especially this October is so bustling with activities that there isn't a single day without something going on in Ljubljana. Learning from New York and seeing the vibrations in the air Boštjan and Gaja decided to provide the framework and additional media exposure to individual events, and that is how Internet Week Ljubljana has come about. From 21st to 30th of October more then twenty events in Ljubljana will take place targeted at people interested in Internet, Mobile, and Social. Check the schedule on the official page of the event and in the following days I'll present a few events where I'm involved also myself.

So, turn off the stupid television box and go mingle with positive people who disregard problems and are not afraid of succeeding. With so much opportunities lingering around it is only yourself to blame for the sorrow state of your affairs.

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