Use Feedly as a Read It Later Service


I use Feedly for three months now and I'm loving it. It provides so much better news reading service than Google Reader ever did that I wonder why it took me so long to switch. With Feedly I could not only replicate my Google Reader experience entirely but extend it in many ways. One such extension that I'd like to share with you is how to use Feedly as a read it later service. Feedly has "Saved For Later" functionality that works great within the Feedly itself. Unfortunately there doesn't exist any bookmarklet or browser extension that would enable me to add to the "Saved For Later" from my browser interesting web pages that I encounter. But since you can add any RSS feed to Feedly it was easy to build such functionality using Pocket. Namely, Pocket exposes a RSS feed of unread articles (check Pocket->Options->Privacy Controls) that can be added to Feedly, so I now use Pocket's browser extensions to bookmark web pages so I can read them later in my beloved Feedly. I hope Feedly will eventually provide a "Saved For Later" browser extension itself. But until it does the above solution works really well.

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