Agile Clinic


Agile is almost by definition an empirical process without clear set of rules. While that is great for experienced and self-confident practitioners, agile's vagueness is causing lots of stress among novice practitioners of agile methods. When Tilen and me kickstarted group four years ago our main goal was to provide a group therapy for agile practitioners that would alleviate stress and enable frustrations to come out. While our initial meetings were very informal (eating pizza, drinking beer, discussing agile) I've learned from London's agile meet-up that the meet-up needs some kind of framework in order to scale beyond ten people attending. An agile clinic is a framework that it is used frequently at agile meet-ups but we haven't yet it introduced to our group. With Andrej we've staged a successful agile clinic at our talk at Hekovnik in August, which gave me confidence to try it out at the meet-up we organized on Monday after the Agile Slovenia 2013 conference, but this time with Miha as an assistant. We first asked some 40 people in attendance to contribute their questions and problems to a backlog. Then we collaboratively selected five items for further discussion that received the most votes from attendants. The discussion of each question was limited to ten minutes and I took the responsibility to enforce the time limit. The discussions themselves were lively and very interesting. We were particularly lucky that most of the speakers of Agile Slovenia 2013 conference were present also the meet-up and were willing to share their experience with us.

Please comment about your impressions how the Monday's event turned out and suggest any improvements. Vasco Duarte, one of the speakers at Agile Slovenia 2013, already suggested that we should do agile meet-ups more frequently. I think this is a great idea, but I'm pushing already so many other things that I cannot commit any more of my time. If somebody is willing to take the initiative to organize agile meet-ups more frequently, he or she is most welcome to do so.

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