Agile Slovenia 2013


Unless you were among 70 people attending Agile Slovenia 2013 yesterday, you should have some regrets now. It's rare for a local conference to attract such a great line up of speakers that can teach quite many things also an experienced practitioner of agile approaches such as myself. In the next few weeks I'll present topics that caught the most of my attention, but today I'll share with you just a few photos I've shot yesterday. stephen_parry



Voranc has proven once again that he's capable attracting great speakers and organize a splendid event. I hope next year his ambitions will rise further, since Agile Slovenia has all the potential to become an important conference about agile and lean not just locally, but it could well become an important regional conference drawing people also from southern Austria, northern Italy and Croatia.

The full stream of photos from yesterday's event is available on my flickr.