We are leaving


Slovenian engineers are leaving en masse for western Europe and even USA in search for better paying jobs. What is even worse is that Slovenian companies can't even attract engineers from Serbia or Ukraine anymore since engineers from these "exotic" eastern European countries can easily find much better paying jobs in Graz, Vienna, Berlin or even at home. I've discussed this matter last week at lunch with Gregor Smrekar of Celtra and we discussed this at length yesterday at the board meeting of Alumni society of Faculty of Computer Science of University of Ljubljana. In Slovenian engineering community we are deeply concerned about this state of affairs and we feel we must urgently do something about it.

Foremost Slovenian IT companies must start delivering products and services of higher value so that they will be able to increase salaries of engineers and skilled professionals. But that alone will not be sufficient unless Slovenian government lowers personal income taxes and reduces health & retirement contributions. Namely, if a Slovenian IT company wants to increase salary of a senior engineer by 400 euro, the company must pay additional 600 euro in taxes to the state! That's unbearable and must be changed! Otherwise Slovenia will be left with a bunch of pensioners and FDV graduates working at McDonalds, while every capable engineer will leave for places where he is not robbed every month by his "fellow" citizens.

Note: Myself, I'm not leaving - yet.

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