Marty Cagan @Zemanta


At Zemanta, we have a great privilege these days to host our adviser for product development Marty Cagan. Marty is one of the fathers of lean start-up movement and was responsible for the organization of product development first at Netscape and later at eBay. For the past ten years he has been consulting some of the most successful start-ups such as Etsy, Tivo, and Pocket how to devise a product organization that would consistently deliver products that customers would love. Two years ago we had Marty visiting us for the first time. At that time he initiated a big organizational change at Zemanta that completely transformed us. Before Marty's visit Zemanta was a show run by engineers where technology took precedence over product. But by reshuffling roles and people, and bringing a lot of fresh blood, we've managed to transform us into a product focused organization. It will be interesting to hear Marty today evaluating the success of our transformation and pointing out the deficiencies in our product development that we might still have. While I doubt Marty will have to prescribe to us such radical change as two years ago, I still expect him to have quite some impact again.

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