Communications of ACM


I vividly remember my anticipation as a kid when a fresh edition of Moj Mikro came to a nearby newsstand bringing fresh information about latest computer related developments. These were times before Internet of course and since then magazines printed on dead trees have become pretty much obsolete for bringing fresh news and product announcements. If by some chance I get my hands on one of the few magazines still in existence today it feels like a walk down a memory lane of TechCrunch, InfoQ, and articles from other on-line sources that I've read in the past month. While the web is amazing in delivering news and broad range of opinions, it has also the problem of delivering too much and too fragmented information, which makes it hard to keep a comprehensive look on your particular field of interest. So, while I get most of my information about computer science on-line, I feel it necessary to complement my knowledge through a subscription to Communications of ACM. CACM is in my opinion the best magazine in the world covering the field of computer science and bringing broad and in-depth articles ranging in topics from hard core theory (e.g. Spectral Sparsification of Graphs: Theory and Algorithms), latest scientific breaktroughs (e.g. A New Approach to Information Storage), to concrete applications (e.g. Patient, Heal Thyself), and impact of computer science to society (e.g. Economic and Business Dimensions: Money Models for MOOCs). While I usually don't have time to read it through, I get the feel of what's important and trending in computer science just by browsing thru the magazine.

A subscription to CACM is included as a part of membership to ACM, the oldest professional society in our field, and worth $100 per year already in itself.

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