There's no cookbook for agile that would exactly prescribe what actions to take in order to be successful at managing teams. On one hand this has a beneficial effect that practitioners are forced to think with their own head instead of blindly following some doctrine, but it also make quite hard to discern whether a particular agile implementation has reached its full potential or is there additional room for improvement. While there are plenty of forums, blogs, and other resources on the web available for discussions about agile, nothing still surpasses off-line discussion with fellow practitioners from the same environment. That's why we started LinkedIn group in the first place and that's why we strive to meet in person at least once per year. I'm happy to announce that the next meeting of group will take place at Hotel Plaza on October 7th starting at 6pm. The idea is to stage an agile clinic where we would first select a few real world problems brought up by the attendees followed by a discussion about possible solutions to these problems. Our meeting will take place in the evening after the Agile Slovenia 2013 conference, so we hope to get also some speakers from the conference joining our discussions. The agile clinic should last until 7:30 pm, followed by an informal meeting accompanied by some drinks.

Please confirm your participation at the meet-up by adding +1 in the comments to the LinkedIn discussion. The meet-up is free of charge (of course).

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