We, the Slovenes, are proud of our hard work. But as I've explained to my daughter a few days ago, hard work is often just a cover for laziness, a laziness not to think, a laziness not to confront others and their stupid instructions, or a laziness to avoid making hard choices. Especially programming is a profession where hard work is not really appreciated. Namely, the cheapest feature is the one which doesn't need to be implemented since it's either rendered unnecessary after a discussion with users or is implemented using existing features. Similarly, the cheapest code to support is the one which is never written and bragging in CV about 400K lines of C written at previous job is actually a disqualification. While having people in your team who non-stop rebel is not pleasant either, it's even worse for a manager to have a team of hard working submissive ants sitting in their dark corners spitting tons of code and never rebelling against whims and idiosyncrasies of a manager.

So the next time a Slovene will brag about his or hers hard work, be cautious. Maybe he or she just wants to disguise his or her laziness!


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