Fresh Blood


One thing that I particularly like at Zemanta is a constant influx of fresh blood in our team. Out of twenty people that have attended Zemanta Team retreat this weekend at Kranjska Gora five joined our team only in the past year. Each of them has brought along with him a new  perspective and made existing team members take a fresh look at the way we do things. I consider constant influx of fresh blood to be one the most important tools of management to induce innovation in a company. Unfortunately in Slovenia we still have a cult of life-long loyalty to a single employer which is most notably expressed by the fact that ten and twenty years job anniversary rewards are even required by law. I've observed this phenomenon myself at several former employers. For example, most of people at Nil are there at least ten years with most of the upper echelon being there for 15+ years. And at Zvone insisted that we should hire only people that will stay with us for at least five years, preferably ten.

In my opinion a team should have at any given time at least 10% of people who joined the team only in the past year. Preferably such outcome is achieved through growth and natural turnover. But if that does not happen management should actively be laying off people in order to make room for some fresh blood.


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