Who's Who Among Slovenian IT Recruiters


Yesterday I did a small survey about the state of Slovenian professional IT recruiting. Thanks to Anže Vodovnik, Klemen Šavli  and several other people I have now a much better overview who's who among Slovenia IT recruiters. The main takeaway is that there are no recruiters in Slovenia who would specialize in recruiting developers. There might have been such people before the crisis, but nowadays all recruiters had to expand also to recruitment of other professionals in order to survive. Nonetheless, there are several people whose background, rolodeck, and personal preference make them more involved in recruiting of IT professionals. I'm listing them here in no particular order. Jure Košir (not the famous skier) has his own HR consultancy. I've heard some good feeback about him but I never worked with him directly.

Patricija Horvat used to work at Hermes Softlab and then moved to recruiting. I've heard she helps also with recruiting of developers, but I didn't get any first hand feedback about her performance.

Janez Kostanjšek also has his own HR consultancy and was praised in the comments of yesterday's post by Klemen.

I've worked personally with Domen Garbajs when I was heading software development at Najdi.si and I was very pleased with his performance. He's just in transition from Adecco to Trenkwalder so I don't have yet information what will his focus be at his new employer.

At Najdi.si I also got in touch with Matjaž Jerovšek of Moja Kariera consultancy. His approach to recruiting was at odds with our way of thinking, so we decided not to cooperate with him. I don't know what he does now but it's a bit strange in this day and age for recruiter not to have a LinkedIn profile.

Please share in the comments your experience with these recruiters. And I'm sorry in advance if I left somebody out. Just complain in the comments and I'll update this post as more information comes my way.

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