Slides of our Talk on Agile @Hekovnik


Yesterday Andrej Zrimšek and me had a very nice time at Hekovnik. Some 40 people gathered for our talk on Agile approaches to software development and I hope they enjoyed as much as we did. In the first part we presented some theory and practice of agile in general and scrum and kanban in particular, while in the second part we answered a few questions from the audience. In the second part we also wanted to present how agile is done in practice so we demonstrated it on the domain of question answering. Even though the work of question answering is quite different from the work of programming, we could still demonstrate most important aspects of agile on this simple domain. I'm also attaching slides. The first part on agile and scrum (by Andrej) is more informative, while my slides on kanban are more visual and less informative without my narration (but video of our talk is coming soon).

[slideshare id=25741169&doc=hekovnik-andrejzrimsek-130830011701-phpapp01]

[slideshare id=25740791&doc=2013-08-29-hekovnik-130830010052-phpapp01]