The Secret of Recruiting Engineers


Our brilliant Major Tom is leaving Zemanta and moving to London by the end of this month. He will follow footsteps of his girlfriend who's finishing her studies in London and plans to continue her career there. Tom already found a job in London at some hedge fund and I found interesting how he got this job. Namely, Tom was cold-contacted over LinkedIn by some recruiter. I'm sure he was contacted already several times before (as most of our employees are) but this time Tom responded since he was already seriously considering a move to London with his girlfriend. With a brilliant engineer in his tow it was easy for this recruiter to find a suitable job for Tom and net 15 to 30K EURO in recruiter's fee. Software developers don't change jobs in the middle of a project, if they feel good in their team, have good rapport with his or her boss, decent salary, and they believe in what company is doing. But if any of these start missing developers become susceptible to the overtures of recruiters. The whole secret of recruiting engineers is therefore to contact the prospect at the right time and take advantage of changing circumstances. But how to do so without relying on luck too much is the secret sauce of great recruiters.

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