Agile in Practice - talk at Hekovnik Start-Up School


While agile approaches to management have become mainstream in Silicon Valley start-ups, they are not yet fully accepted and adopted by all people in Slovenia. To kill last bastions of Microsoft Project and Command-And-Control mentality in our start-up community, Andrej Zrimšek and me will present a lecture on agile approaches towards management of software development this Thursday at Hekovnik start-up school. In the first part of the talk, we plan to present theory behind agile approaches in general, and scrum and kanban in particular, coupled with first hand experience that Andrej and me acquired over the past several years at NiceLabel and Zemanta, respectively. If the first part will be a bit more theoretical, we would like second part to be much more interactive. That's why we plan to stage an agile clinic where we would dissect specific problems experienced by people in audience and propose solutions according to the agile way of thinking. So, please think about the most pressing issues in your team and bring them along.

The talk will take place at Hekovnik start-up school on Thursday, August 29 starting at 17:00. Please register so that we know how many participants can we expect.

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