Appreciating Effort


I met with Rod for a lunch yesterday. I was curious why he is leaving Celtra and what are his future plans (No, unfortunately he's not joining Zemanta, so our tech lead position is still open!) I proposed that we meet at Druga Violina on Stari trg in Ljubljana, since I've heard that they offer very good food at reasonable prices. The food was tasty indeed and 5 euros for a set menu including a main dish (beef with mesh potatos) and a salad is a very good deal for the center of Ljubljana. What really makes Druga Violina special is the service. Namely, the place is run by care center for people with special needs and part of the personnel are people with special needs themselves. It's amazing to watch the effort they invest into bringing drinks to your table and carefully placing glasses in your hands. And when they successfully complete their task, their enthusiasm is palpable (what a welcome relief from the usual rudeness of Ljubljana's waiters). What they are missing in talent and capabilities, these people with special needs more than make up with their efforts.

Druga Violina is opened for more than a year now, so this is not some passing fad but a viable business. Support their efforts and check this place out also yourself.

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