Appreciating Talent


I've just returned from holidays on gorgeous Greek island of Skopelos. For two weeks I've been lying on the beach, snorkeling, reading books, playing with my kids and eating great food. I also took time to learn how to properly use digital SLR Nikon D3200 that we've recently bought (I highly recommend it! It has really great performance and even better price). I learned a bit about analog photography many years ago when I attended movie and video seminar, but I never upgraded my knowledge to digital photography. So thanks to Nikon D3200 Digital Field Guide (I highly recommend this book) I'm now a one-book expert on digital photography. My Tina says I have no talent for photography. I'm pretty sure she's right, so I have no plans to further expand my photography career. But even without a talent it was great to learn something new. If for no other reason, to better appreciate and understand work of people who do have talent.

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