Programmers' Salaries in Slovenia


Slovenia is in the fourth year of recession now and wages of most people not only haven't stayed the same but actually nominativelly decreased. Accounting for inflation real wages of people in Slovenia decreased some 15% since the crisis struck in 2009. In past crises programmers were somewhat excluded from these trends, but due to unhealthy addiction of Slovenian IT sector to government contracts also programmer's salaries took a plunge in this crisis. I've done quite many interviews with foreign programmers lately (Yes, we're hiring - apply here!) and I've noticed that Slovenian programmer's wages become quite under par even when compared to east European countries. At Zemanta we have very competitive wages compared to other Slovenian IT companies. But what I'm increasingly observing is that we are not competing with other Slovenian IT companies for the best and the brightest, but with companies in the States and Western Europe who either attract people to their home location or have people work for them remotely. Slovenian IT industry will have to start producing high value products and services again or it will risk loosing all the talented people. Programmers are smart people. For some time they will work for peanuts. But eventually they'll find an optimal solution for them.

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