Start-ups & Kids

Start-ups are not just a domain of twenty-something single hipsters but much more domain of young parents who couldn't help themselves to found or join a start-up besides raising their children. Limiting myself just to Slovenian start-up ecosystem I can give you some powerful examples. Jelena Rašula is not just a co-founder of award winning start-up Confidly but also a mother of two. Darko Butina not only pushed forward the biggest exit yet for a Slovenian start-up, but also has two sons to handle. Samo Login kick-started two most successful start-ups in Slovenia, but also made sure both of his sons made it through puberty. Miha Mikek got his first daughter just as Celtra begun its explosive growth. Andraž Logar not only grows 3fs but also have a child to take care of. At Zemanta, our former CEO Aleš has a daughter, while our current CEO Todd has two gorgeous children that we just have a privilege of hosting in Ljubljana. And this week's team call included not just Jeff, our VP of publisher development, but also his adorable daughters. Reading TechCrunch is easy to be distracted by the image of Zuckerberg and other young guns. But in reality most of start-ups are founded and run by parents. It's not easy to be 100% committed to your start-up while also spending sufficient time with your children (spouse's help is essential). But having children is incredibly powerful motivation to change this world for the better. It is therefore no wonder that parents make some of the best start-up people.


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