AdTech 101


Last week our top brass Todd gave us presentation about display advertising ecosystem. While Zemanta does not see its future within display advertising we believe many products and services that evolved in the display advertising ecosystem will replicate themselves also in content marketing, which is the ecosystem where Zemanta wants to play a major role. Display advertising started twenty years ago with the first banner ad published on HotWired. What started as a simple clickable image has since evolved into a 100 billion dollar business with several hundreds of players that do targeting, retargeting, bidding, negotiations, filtering, presentation, measuring, analysis, optimization, verification, and many more, all within the limited time span of 300 milliseconds.

Transition to mobile represents a major challenge to display advertising and at Zemanta we are betting heavily that mobile will require different forms of advertising adapted to particularities of mobile medium. While mobile has introduced some novel way of supporting content production (e.g. app stores and subscriptions) I think that also on mobile advertisers will still foot most of the bill for creating compelling applications, videos, and stories.

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