Meeting @FredWilson

Zemanta had a board of directors yesterday and this was also the reason that brought Fred Wilson back to Ljubljana. Fred is an early investor in Tumblr, Foursquare, Kickstarter, Twitter, and Zynga (among others) and it's tremendous honor (and incredible asset) to have him also as an investor in Zemanta. Through his blog he has become one of the strongest voices in start-up community and he is one the main persons behind the success of New York's Silicon Alley. Fred is a prolific blogger and I've read several hundreds of his blog posts over the past couple of yours. Seeing him for the first time in person, it felt like a character of fiction would materialize in front of my eyes. His head slightly to the right, with laser-focused gaze, lacking humor, but down to earth and approachable. That's how I imagined him from his blog and that's how I perceived him in reality. Most of human interaction has moved on-line now and it happens with increasing frequency that you first get to know a person through his on-line presence and only later in-person. Fred is one of the main progenitors of this trend both personally and through his investments. I think this might be his greatest legacy and in that regard he reminds me very much to another famous New Yorker who has brought a substantial change to how we perceive ourselves and the reality around us.