Summer Schools in Computer Science at FRI


When I was twelve years old I did well at the national computer science competition. As a reward I got a chance to attend a summer school organized by Faculty of Computer Science at University of Ljubljana. We were young and eager, just as CoderDojo kids are nowadays, and we coded amazing things like labyrinth path finding. Since this was 1988 when Slovenian technology scene was booming we even got a chance to see production lines at Iskra Delta and Intertrade ITS, now long extinct. While many factors influenced my life-long fascination with computers, it was probably this summer school that really cemented my career. It's great to see that Faculty of Computer Science continues with the tradition of summer schools. It's amazing to read about workshops about 3D modelling for marine archeology, computerless computing, or programming robots. Organizing such events is also the best way to inspire kids for engineering in this fast-paced, glamour-focused world. I'm pretty sure that many of attendants of these summer schools will end up us great programmers, start-up founders, or they'll be able to leverage their computer science skills in any other profession that they might choose. And it's particularly nice to see that there are many girls in attendance.

Great job, prof. Mramor Kosta and the rest of the team!

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